Baxi Bonus Deal

Our Baxi Bonus Deal is back.......AND BETTER!

Due to the popularity of our Baxi Bonus Deal in previous years we have brought it back and made it bigger and better.

ADCO Heating & Plumbing in Chester are Baxi Approved Installers, we recommend Baxi Boilers as they are high quality and have fantastic warranties with customer support from the Baxi Customer Support Team to match.

Please click on the type of boiler you are interested in below to see the range of boilers with prices.

Baxi 600 Combi Boiler
(7 Year Warranty)

  • 24Kw £1,650
  • 30Kw £1,750



Baxi EcoBlue + Boiler
(7 Year Warranty)

  • 24Kw £1,750
  • 28Kw £1,850
  • 33Kw £1,950

Baxi EcoBlue Advance Boiler
(10 Year Warranty)

  • 24Kw £1,950
  • 28Kw £2,050
  • 33Kw £2,150
  • 40Kw £2,250

BAXI 200 Combi Boiler
(3 Year Warranty)

  • 24Kw £1,350
  • 28Kw £1,450

BAXI 400 Combi Boiler
(5 Year Warranty)

  • 24Kw £1,550
  • 28Kw £1,650

Baxi Megaflo System Boiler
(7 Year Warranty)

  • 15Kw £1,750
  • 18Kw £1,800
  • 24Kw £1,850
  • 28Kw £1,900
  • 32Kw £1,950

Baxi EcoBlue System Boiler
(7 Year Warranty)

  • 12Kw £1,800
  • 15Kw £1,850
  • 18Kw £1,900
  • 24Kw £1,950
  • 28Kw £2,000
  • 32Kw £2,050

Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat-Only Boiler
(7 Year Warranty)

  • 13Kw £1,700
  • 16Kw £1,750
  • 19Kw £1,800
  • 25Kw £1,850
  • 30Kw £1,950

Baxi EcoBlue Heat-Only Boiler
(2 Year Warranty)

  • 12Kw £1,650
  • 15Kw £1,700
  • 18Kw £1,750
  • 21Kw £1,800
  • 24Kw £1,850

The boilers come with:

  • System flush prior to new boiler being installed
  • Remote Rf thermostat/programmer for the combi boilers and a twin channel programmer for the system and heat-only boilers
  • New flue
  • Fernox TF1 compact magnetic filter
  • Inhibitor to protect the system
  • FREE carbon monoxide alarm
  • First year boiler servicing FREE

Why not also upgrade to the Nest Smart Thermostat for an extra £170 to make future energy savings and make your home smart? The future is Smart, the future is Nest and Baxi works with Nest.

As part of your Baxi warranty terms & conditions, Baxi request that your new boiler is serviced each year to keep the warranty valid. With ADCO Plumbers in Chester we will register your appliance on your behalf and will also set you up on our annual service database ensuring that your warranty stays valid.  Each year that your boiler is due its service you will receive a reminder in the post and we can then book a date and time that suits you.

Terms & Conditions

  • Subject to availability.
  • Offer only available on a straight forward swap, relocating the boiler to another area within the home will incur additional costs.
  • The 1st service which is free must be booked in no later than 30 days after the original anniversary of the boiler being installed, if the 1st service is booked in after this period then it will not be free. 
  • ADCO-Chester reserve the right to withdraw this offer without notice at any time.

If you need boiler or central heating repairs, maintenance or a replacement in Chester, Wrexham or the Wirral, call ADCO Plumbers in Chester today on 01244 345024 or 07928 333391. Alternatively, you can fill out the Contact-Us page on our website.